About Us

Pongl has always believed that the most important thing about a quality bag is that it lasts for a long time and remains fashionable in style.

Therefore, Pongl has been working hard on the use of materials, and after having high-quality materials, he designs bags that conform to fashionable aesthetics with fashionable design concepts.

On this basis, Pongl continues to enrich the functionality of the package, and divides the most practical partitions inside the package. It can make your cosmetics, mobile phones, and small belongings properly placed, and you can find them easily. From wallets to handbags, Pongl never compromises on functionality.
This looks cool.

Our main business is all kinds of bags, and we have now expanded into some fashion clothing. Our clothing still adheres to our company philosophy of high quality and style. We are sure they will not disappoint you.

"We hope using our bags will keep you stylish and classy when you're out and about"

If you have any thoughts and suggestions you want to share with us, please contact us: support@pongl.com